Dear (Stephen Parrinello),

After our phone conversation on Saturday, 11/16/07, Web-Sites Unlimited has decided to no longer handle the web site for
The letter that I received from regarding non-payment (attatched) was what I relayed to you & I informed you that if the payment wasn't received by them they would temporarilly remove until payment was received.
I also informed you that if the service was inturrupted for non-payment, then would cahrge $ 25.00 to reactivate You responded to me in a way that I felt improper and as if you thought I was trying to cheat you out of $ 25.00 and for that is why I am making this decision.

As far as "Search Engines", we never got into a detailed discussion about that & at the onset of our discussions about me re-doing over a year ago, I DID tell you that I placed my clients into several "FREE Search Engines". I have you placed in the following "free search engines":
Tripod, Lycos, Angelfire, AOL, Yahoo, Geocities, Netscape, NetZero, CitySearch & Earthlink.
There is a charge for Google search engines that I do not get involved with, however, if you desire to get onto a Google search engine, go to & subscribe to their service.

I feel that for the price I charged you for the work I did ($ 300.00) is a GREAT price, then you asked me to change & remove most of it (which I did), I added an "Under Construction" sign (which you also asked for) that's been there for about a month and you're always "too busy" to discuss anything else that needs your attention so that work can be done on your site for YOUR BUSINESS.

It seems that you're not happy with the services of Web-Sites Unlimited so before something like this deters out friendship, I'd rather just remove Web-Sites Unlimited from any further involvement with the web site for

All of your codes to the LIDJ web site are on a print-out (attatched) and on a disc (enclosed).

Dominick Lauriano.................................11/16/07
Web-Sites Unlimited